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Foreman Room & Lecture Theatre

Foreman Room & Lecture Theatre during April 2023 at the Ulster Aviation Society


The Foreman Room & Lecture Theatre is named in honour of the late Chairman & Managing Director of Shorts Aircraft, Sir Philip Foreman, who was also ex-patron of the Society. This room serves as a hub for important gatherings and enlightening discussions.

It holds significant historical and cultural value within the UAS. It is here that the Society's Annual General Meeting ('AGM') takes place, providing members with an opportunity to reflect on past achievements, discuss future plans, and ensure the continued success of the organisation.

In addition to the AGM, the Foreman Room & Lecture Theatre serves as a platform for visiting speakers (hopefully starting again form June 2023 after a three year hiatus due to the Covid pandemic) to engage with the UAS membership with bi-monthly meetings.


Visiting speakers, ranging from aviation experts, RAF senior personnel to renowned historians, have grace this space to deliver captivating talks on a wide range of topics, from aviation advancements to historical events that shaped the aerospace industry.


These talks not only educate and inform but also foster a sense of camaraderie among the UAS members, who share a common passion for aviation and history.

The Foreman Room & Lecture Theatre is more than just a gathering space; it represents a legacy of excellence and innovation. Sir Philip Foreman's leadership at Shorts Aircraft played a pivotal role in advancing aerospace technology and promoting Northern Ireland's aviation industry on a global scale, paying homage to his visionary contributions, serving as a reminder of the remarkable achievements made under his guidance from the 1960s to the 1980s.

The comfortable lecture theatre seating allows for an engaging experience for both speakers and attendees. It is a space where ideas are exchanged, knowledge is deepened, and connections are forged among like-minded individuals who share a passion for aviation and its rich history.

Join the Society today and immerse yourself in the captivating talks and discussions that shape the collective knowledge of aviation enthusiasts. The Foreman Room & Lecture Theatre is a testament to the UAS's commitment to fostering education, collaboration, and the preservation of aviation heritage within the island of Ireland.

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