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"Build A Plane NI" Schools' project

"Build A Plane NI" Schools' project

BBC Newsline visited the Ulster Aviation Society on Wed 4th December, 2019 to do a segment on the "Build A Plane NI" Schools' project, built by 50 local schoolchildren from a range of schools and cross-community.

The Irish border between North and South is a place of big history and local mystery. However, a group of eager students from both sides have helped clarify one of those frontier puzzles, from mere inches below a farmer’s field in Monaghan

The prize of the wreckology dig was a mixture of metal remnants from the wreck of a P-38 fighter plane which crashed near Clontibret in 1942. The students were from Foyle College in Derry and Ballybay Community College in Monaghan. They were supervised by project organiser Jonny McNee and a core of academics and museum specialists. They were joined as well by two UAS members, Secretary Stephen Hegarty and photographer Alan Jarden.


The P-38G went down during the Second World War when pilot Milo Rundall of the U.S. Army Air Corps became lost on a flight from Langford Lodge to Eglinton. He baled out north of the border but his aircraft, out of fuel, crashed a few miles away in the south. The pieces recovered will be cleaned and shared by the Tower Museum in Derry and the Monaghan County Museum.

Production Editor: MARK J. CAIRNS     Camera: STEPHEN HEGARTY