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Support the UAS Charity with a donation

You can leave a one-time secure donation here via PayPal.

Click on the Credit Card logos below, this will take you PayPal, then click "Send" at the bottom.  Then simply type in the amount you wish to donate and leave us a Note to tell us who you are.


You can also donate securely on your iPhone / Android with:


...with the above figure in RED (change to whatever you feel is fair) being your donation figure in Pounds


Support us as you shop with

Donates 0.5% of the value of most of your purchases from Amazon UK to the UAS automatically at ZERO cost to you! Just takes 1 minute of your time to set it up.

The easiest recommendation we’d like to suggest is Amazon’s little-known Amazon Smile, a sub website operated by Amazon UK to help raise money for charities with the same products, prices and shopping features as regular Amazon.co.uk


You will see millions of eligible products marked “Eligible for smile.amazon.co.uk” on their product detail pages.

All your purchases are totally anonymous and all the donated pennies go into one pot which Amazon forward onto the UAS.


The difference is that when you shop on Amazon Smile, Amazon UK will donate an 0.5% (from THEIR profit, not from your pocket!) of the net purchase price (excluding VAT, returns and shipping fees) from all of your eligible Amazon Smile purchases, which you’d be ordering anyway.


You don’t have to spend or donate a single, extra penny during the transactions in lieu. That’s the simple beauty of it all.

Why are we raising money this way?

THE Ulster Aviation Society has only grown in 52+ years because of the incredible work, support and donations given to us by our amazing volunteers, partners and visitors.


As the Society has been locked down, as most organisations have been since the Covid19 pandemic, it has lost nearly all of its annual income due to lack of tours within the hangars, along with most external events being cancelled (including air shows) for the rest of the year, and probably won't return until 2022 in many cases.


Whilst the volunteers have built up a sizeable “rainy day” fund over the last 5 years — which we’re extremely grateful and lucky to have currently — allowing us to get through the rest of 2021 into next year with our large financial commitments of Rent and Electricity costs amongst others, this won’t last forever.


There is no guarantee at this stage that outdoor events – where the majority of UAS’ fundraising is generated from – will be able to return in the future either (we're really hoping the Balmoral Show comes off in September 2021).


Therefore, we’ve had to lower our expectations and come up with other ideas that could generate a few pounds here and there over time. Specifically through FREE donations from organisations like Amazon's Smile (above) who donate a very small percentage of your everyday, online shopping to the UAS.