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Shorts TUCANO T.1

Shorts Tucano T1 G-BUTC at the Ulster Aviation Society

The Shorts Tucano T.1 is a versatile trainer aircraft that was developed in the United Kingdom in the 1980s. The aircraft was designed to be an economical and reliable platform for training new pilots, offering excellent handling and performance characteristics.


Designed as a turboprop trainer aircraft primarily used by the RAF, Brazilian Air Force and other air forces around the world.

Manufactured by Shorts Brothers in Belfast, Northern Ireland in the 1980s, its design aimed to provide an advanced training platform for military pilots, preparing them for more complex and high-performance aircraft.


The aircraft's excellent handling and performance characteristics made it an ideal platform for teaching pilots basic and advanced flight techniques, including aerobatics, formation flying, and instrument flying.

What set it apart was its powerful turboprop engine, that provided exceptional performance and enables pilots to experience the characteristics of larger, faster jet aircraft.

Its robust airframe, coupled with advanced avionics and systems, offers a realistic and immersive training environment. Having excellent manoeuvrability, combined with its reliability and ease of maintenance, made it a popular choice among air forces worldwide.

Shorts Tucano T1 G-BUTC at the Ulster Aviation Society


The Tucano T.1 found extensive use as a basic and advanced trainer for the RAF, where it served as a stepping stone for pilots transitioning to high-performance aircraft.

The Tucano T.1 was also used by the RAF as a light attack aircraft in several conflicts, including the Gulf War and the Balkan conflicts. Its ability to carry weapons and perform ground attack missions made it a valuable asset for the RAF in these conflicts. The aircraft's versatility and reliability also made it an ideal platform for aerial surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

The Ulster Aviation Society's preservation of this Tucano G-BTUC is a valuable contribution and preservation of aviation history, showing its importance and contribution to aviation technology.


Visitors who book a visit can learn about the aircraft's impressive capabilities, explore its features, and appreciate the hard work and innovation that went into its design and construction.


Manufacturer: Short
Model: Tucano T.1 EMB-312 c/n 312007
Registration: G-BTUC
UAS Location: Hangar 1
Served with: RAF
Maximum Speed:  315mph at 15,000 ft
Cruise Speed: 253mph
Stall Speed: 50mph
Engine: 1 × Garrett TPE331-12B turboprop, 820 kW (1,100 shp)
Service Ceiling: 34,000 ft
Length & Height9.86m x 3.4m
Wing Span: 11.28m (37ft)
g limits: +7/-3.6
Production: June 1986 - 1993  Permit to Fly expired 11/09/1993, deregistered 20/12/1996.
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