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The remarkable 'Sea Hawk' amphibian bi-plane, a true marvel of aviation engineering. Crafted by the visionary mind of Garry Le Gare, this extraordinary aircraft pushed the boundaries of flight with its versatility and distinctive design.


Manufactured in Le Gare's renowned aircraft factory located in Sycamore, Illinois, the Sea Hawk came to life during the golden age of aviation in the early 1930s. Its history is one of daring adventures and groundbreaking achievements.

During its production span, a limited number of Sea Hawk bi-planes were meticulously crafted, making it a rare gem in the annals of aviation history.


A total of 32 units were manufactured, each one meticulously hand-built by a team of skilled artisans under Garry Le Gare's personal supervision. This exclusivity added to the allure of the Sea Hawk, captivating aviators and enthusiasts alike.

What set the Sea Hawk apart from its contemporaries was its extraordinary ability to seamlessly transition between water and air.


This amphibian bi-plane possessed the unique capability to take off and land on both land-based runways and water bodies, rendering it versatile and adaptable to a wide range of environments.


Its unconventional design featured a sleek fuselage, elegant wings, and retractable landing gear, which facilitated effortless transitions between these two elements.


This versatility made the Sea Hawk a coveted aircraft for explorers, adventurers, and even military forces who sought an aircraft capable of conquering land and sea with equal grace.

Throughout its operational years, the Sea Hawk accomplished remarkable feats.


From daring transatlantic flights to remote island expeditions, this bi-plane soared through the skies and gracefully touched down on water bodies across the globe.


It became a symbol of courage and innovation, leaving an indelible mark on the aviation industry.

Garry Le Gare's 'Sea Hawk' amphibian bi-plane remains an enduring testament to the pursuit of flight's endless possibilities, even with its very limited production numbers, unparalleled versatility, and remarkable history have solidified its place in the pantheon of aviation legends.


The Sea Hawk continues to inspire awe and weird fascination, reminding us of the ingenuity and audacity that can propel humanity to new heights, both in the skies and on the water.

Manufacturer: Aerogare

Model: Sea Hawker Amphibian bi-plane

Registration: EI-BUO

Operating Life: 1982

UAS Location: External Storage
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