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Aerosport SCAMP A

Aerosport Scamp with its new white paint scheme by Ian Hendry at the Ulster Aviation Society, Nov 2020. Image: Mark J. Cairns


What made the Aerosport Scamp A unique was its simplicity and agility as it featured a high wing, bi-plane configuration, tricycle undercarriage and an open cockpit design, providing excellent visibility and a thrilling flying experience. 

First introduced in August 1973 by its designer, Harris Woods, its production continued for several decades with 1050 sets of plans being sold by 1993.

The aircraft's lightweight construction, compact size, coupled with its responsive controls, allowed for impressive manoeuvrability and aerobatic capabilities. It became a popular choice for pilots looking for an aircraft that was both fun to fly and relatively easy to build and maintain.

While the Scamp A was primarily used for recreational purposes and personal enjoyment, it also found applications in the realm of aerobatic competition and airshows.

Pilots who owned and flew the Scamp A often participated in aerobatic displays, showcasing the aircraft's impressive performance capabilities to enthusiastic crowds.

The Ulster Aviation Society's display of the Aerosport Scamp A in memory of Don Chisholm is a tribute to his legacy, passion and appreciation of its unique characteristics and flying capabilities.


Aerosport Scamp engine and propellor close-up, after its new white paint scheme by Ian Hendry at the Ulster Aviation Society. Image: Mark J.Cairns


Manufacturer: Aerosport

Model: Scamp A

Operating Life: 1973

Engine: 1853cc VW car engine

UAS Location: Hangar 1
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