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Bulldog T.1 Trainer XX637 with Wings during Feb 2020 at the Ulster Aviation Society


Bulldog T.1 Trainer XX637 at the Ulster Aviation Society


History of the UAS’ Bulldog T.1 XX637

XX637 c/n BH120/307 first flew 23/09/1974 and delivered to Royal Navy EFTS Church Fenton 10/10/1974. Transferred to Northumbrian UAS RAF Leeming 21/11/1974, whilst carrying out aerobatics over Teesside Airport overstressed the airframe and roaded to RAF Shawbury for repairs.


After repair to Yorkshire UAS RAF Finningley 7/1991. 07/06/1993 retired to Instructional Airframe No 9197M at RAF St Athan and used as a travelling exhibit. In 1997 the aircraft was repainted as XX530 as a memorial to the crew killed whilst flying XX530.


In 2000 allocated to 2175 Sqn ATC Glasgow and in 2001 reallocated to 327 Sqn ATC Kilmarnock and in 2019 gifted to the UAS at MLK.

XX530 Scottish Aviation series 120 model 121 c/n BH120/216 operated by Royal Navy EFTS out of RAF Topcliffe suffered engine failure and unfortunately the area selected to land on was very soft peat moor and it would appear the main wheels sunk into the ground on touching down overturning and crushing the cockpit area killing the occupants.


This was the first fatal RAF Bulldog crash in over 150,000hrs of total flying. It was a Cat 5/FA and subsequently written off.

Manufacturer: Scottish Aviation

Model: Bulldog T.1

Registration: XX637 (XX530 tribute)

UAS Location: Hangar 2

Served with: RAF Leeming, RAF St Athan, 2175 Sqn ATC Glasgow, 327 Sqn ATC Kilmarnock

Maximum Speed:  150 mph at 16,000 ft

Cruise Speed:  120 ~ 140mph

Range: 620 miles

Engine: Lycoming IO-360-A1B6 200hp

Service Ceiling: 16,000 ft

Length & Height: 23ft 3” x 8ft 11”

Wing Span: 33ft 2”

Production: 320 built. 130 to RAF/RN and further 190 exported to 9 countries. 
Production ran from 1969-1982, with all UK military aircraft sold off by 2001.

The aircraft served both the RAF and RN as a basic trainer, standard aircraft for the University Air Squadrons and Air Experience Flights.
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