Restoring Hangar Doors


Exterior view of the UAS hangar 1 door restoration - Feb 2021.  Image: Ray Burrows

A multi-million pound restoration of our original, listed Second World War hangar doors by Maze Long Kesh Development Corporation via Government funding started in December 2020. It will mean we can open the big doors again after 7 years of being rusted shut.

To say it will be a game-changer for the Society is an understatement and it will mean the day of finally having a Canberra PR9, Buccaneer, Phantom sitting outside draws closer.

Hangar 1 Door Scaffolding on the inside. Image: Mark J. Cairns

Not very often that we photograph the outside of the hangars but as of December 2020 the first three doors on Hangar 1 have gone away for refurbishment and restoration… when returned and fitted our volunteers should be able to push them open and take the aircraft outside into the compound.

The ground tracks will also to be replaced completely to allow the door rollers to work. They were corroded beyond repair.