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18A Gyroplane

Manufacturer: Air & Space
Model: 18A Gyroplane
Operating Life: 1965~2000
Registration: EI CNG
UAS Location: Hangar 1
Maximum Speed:  97mph
Cruise Speed: 80mph
Engine: 1 × Lycoming O-360-A1D air-cooled flat-four, 180 hp (135 kW)
Service Ceiling: 12,000ft
Length & Height6.04m x 2.82m
Fuel Capacity 108 litres





The 18A Gyroplane, created by Air & Space, is an intriguing piece of aviation technology that can be found on display at the Ulster Aviation Society.


As a type of aircraft that utilises a rotor to generate lift and a propeller for thrust, the gyroplane is a rather unique hybrid between a helicopter and an airplane.


The 18A model was designed to be lightweight, compact, and easy to manoeuvre, making it a popular choice for recreational flying.

At the Ulster Aviation Society, visitors can see the 18A Gyroplane up close and appreciate the intricacies of its design. From the aerodynamic curves of its fuselage to the rotor blades' intricate shape, the gyroplane's engineering is an impressive feat of innovation.

The 18A Gyroplane's versatility is a standout feature. It excels in various applications, including recreational flying, aerial surveillance, and even agricultural purposes. Its ability to take off and land in tight spaces makes it ideal for operations in remote or restricted areas.

With its distinctive appearance and impressive performance, the 18A Gyroplane is sure to capture the attention of aviation enthusiasts. The Ulster Aviation Society's display allows visitors to fully appreciate the craftsmanship and innovation behind this remarkable aircraft.

While not as well-known as other aircraft, the 18A Gyroplane still holds a special place in the world of aviation. Its unique design and capabilities make it a fascinating example of engineering ingenuity, and its display at the Ulster Aviation Society provides a glimpse into the world of experimental flight technology.

Whether you are a seasoned aviation enthusiast or simply curious about unique aircraft designs, the 18A Gyroplane at the Ulster Aviation Society is a must-see, oddball attraction, representing the ingenuity and passion that can often drive the evolution of aviation.

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